Levia 9090

Our state-of-the-art remote controlled table, tilting +90°/-90° to cover all necessities

Levia 9090

Top Performer

Remote-controlled table with wireless full-field dynamic flat panel to allow for high resolution radiography and full frame fluoroscopy on the same unit.


Wireless dynamic flat panel

With the wireless full-size detector, Users are granted total freedom for any projection. When in the bucky, the panel will perform as a full frame fast dynamic detector, and in a moment becoming a powerful wireless detector for off-bucky projections.

All type of patients

No patient is rejected, thanks to extended patient coverage, true rear access, robust mechanics and minimum tabletop height from floor

Tilting column

The tube holder column describes a full angle swing, which offers complete coverage of the tabletop, including exams requiring oblique rays such as shoulders or knees.

High-end diagnostic tools

With the optional modules DSA, Tomosynthesis and Automatic Stitching, operators have a complete range of diagnostic opportunities.


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