Riviera CSX

The most advanced OTC system for all your imaging needs.

Riviera CSX

Easily programmable

With its unrivalled imaging capability, ease-of-operation, and smooth, intuitive operation, Riviera CSX ceiling suspension system will significantly improve your daily workflow.


Zero Effort

With the innovative Zero Effort driving motors, just grab the sensitive handle and the system will effortlessly and rapidly follow your direction. Or just select one of your pre-rogrammed configurations on the large touch screen, and Riviera CSX will automatically position and set all parameters, getting ready for the exposure in seconds.

High-end diagnostic tools

New simplified procedure for automatic stitching. Operator just selects initial and final points and the system automatically computes the required exposures.

Smart full auto-positioning

Simply touching a single button, Riviera CSX decides the fastest and safest path to reach the selected position, with the tube automatically aligned with table or wall bucky detectors.
Movements are motorized for all axes, and servo-assisted with Zero-effort technology when used in manual mode, with the active smart handle.

Easy to use

Full room coverage for easy treatment of any patient, lying down, sitting, standing, or in a wheelchair or stretcher. The streamlined and smooth operations will grant an improved patient throughput even in the most demanding workload conditions.


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