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Our task is to provide X-ray imaging providers with proper information and helping to increase value by turning challenges into opportunities.



MEDICA, one of the most important international tradeshows, will open again next November, from 15th to 18th.

PRIMAX INTERNATIONAL will be present at the booth #F28 in Hall 10. It will be a great chance to meet finally in person again, after such a long time.

Our sales specialists will be available to give you updates about the new systems on the show.

Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting time, we are looking forward to meeting you!



Canaan Medical Center in Luwero (Uganda) was founded in 2014 by Dr. Gerald Kakooza. It has become a reference point for all people living the rural areas nearby, providing reliable and highly qualified medical service.
Here we show Center’s personnel with our recently delivered equipment, the mobile Raybow C which will enhance the capacity of their Radiology Dept. Thanks to special condenser generator system, it can reach effective diagnostic power even in difficult power supply conditions.



The emergency situation during the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shown how much the point-of-care imaging is crucial.

Home care Radiology until a few months ago was considered just a weak method to reduce the discomfort to the patients, during rehabilitation at their homes.
But the recent period confirmed that Home care Radiology is actually an extremely effective tool to drastically decrease patients’ access to hospitals and the consequent risks of infections.

Current technologies also allow for high diagnostic quality and ease of use and transport, which were unconceivable until a few years ago.

PRIMAX INTERNATIONAL has a proven track record in home radiology solutions, based on state-of-the-art technologies that ensure high transportability, ergonomics and the highest diagnostic quality.

Our systems are certified and compliant with the latest regulations for medical equipment and are fully configurable, with selection of:

– generator powers (2 to 8 kW)

– type of detectors and dedicated imaging software

– accessories (transport bags, anti-scattering grids, DAP chambers, etc.)


This video describes the sequences of a typical home imaging operation and illustrates the potential of our solutions.

Please do not hesitate to get n touch with us for any additional information.

Fighting against COVID19


In these terrible moments, everybody is doing their best in the fight against the spreading of COVID19.

We managed to support hospitals with our X-ray mobile systems, a valid tool to grant imaging diagnostics in any department.

Even if imaging for COVID-19 screening is not routinely used, it can be effective on positive or suspected patients, to rule out other diagnoses that can be treated (i.e. pulmonary embolism).

In addition, emergent imaging may be necessary for evaluation of other urgent conditions, including stroke, trauma, infection and other disease conditions.


We would like to thank all X-ray technicians and operators for their daily struggle, helping patients with their commitment and care.



We would like to outline briefly the technique of Dual Energy, an option available on our RIVIERA rad systems.
This technique allows for the selective display of tissues of different densities, using exposures at different energy levels. In this way, the Radiologist has the possibility to clearly discriminate structures which are otherwise hard to identify on conventional exposures.
In other words, it helps in overcoming the limitation of three-dimensional patient volume projections and anatomy on a two-dimensional image plane.
Dual-energy subtraction is based on body tissues differential attenuation for low- and high-energy X-ray photons. Bone contains calcium and so it has a higher attenuation coefficient at lower beam energy than soft tissues.
Two exposures are taken then at two different kilo-voltages on the same target area and digitally subtracted; hence, structures that contain calcium (including bone) can be removed from images, leaving soft tissues and lungs clearly visible.
One of the major advantage of this technique is that it makes calcification more conspicuous, an essential aid in characterizing pulmonary nodules.

In our RIVIERA equipment, two images are automatically acquired, one high-kilovolt exposure and one low-kilovolt exposure with a very short delay between them.
Dual-energy subtraction images are then displayed, i.e the standard un-subtracted images, the soft tissue–selective image and the bone-selective image.



The most important healthcare tradeshow will open in Dubai on next January 27th.

With more than 4200 exhibiting companies from 160 different Countries, Arab Health is surely one of the largest collection of manufacturers and service providers under a single roof.

It is a unique opportunity to discover thousands of devices on display and evaluate the latest competing solutions in healthcare across all product categories.

PRIMAX INTERNATIONAL will be present at the event, showcasing the brand new mobile system RAYBOW XE.

RAYBOW XE provides state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Design has been centered from the start on User and Patient needs, delivering great improvements in power, reliability, image quality and ergonomics.

Do not miss the chance for a complete demo at our booth S2.D50B.

a new beginning

The new Primax International

Starting from January 2020, the operations of Primax International are based in the new facility located in Torre de’ Roveri (Italy), small village conveniently located close to highways network and international airports.
Recently incorporated in a large Manufacturer Group, we can exploit at best our long-term expertise in X-rays, providing the market with a full range of diagnostic imaging equipment.
It is a great honour to take over the wheel from the previous guidance, who managed to boost and thrive Primax International so far. We are glad to bear it with passion and responsibility, granting all Partners our total commitment.
Please follow up on these pages, we will post updates and insights about X-ray world.