The emergency situation during the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shown how much the point-of-care imaging is crucial.

Home care Radiology until a few months ago was considered just a weak method to reduce the discomfort to the patients, during rehabilitation at their homes.
But the recent period confirmed that Home care Radiology is actually an extremely effective tool to drastically decrease patients’ access to hospitals and the consequent risks of infections.

Current technologies also allow for high diagnostic quality and ease of use and transport, which were unconceivable until a few years ago.

PRIMAX INTERNATIONAL has a proven track record in home radiology solutions, based on state-of-the-art technologies that ensure high transportability, ergonomics and the highest diagnostic quality.

Our systems are certified and compliant with the latest regulations for medical equipment and are fully configurable, with selection of:

– generator powers (2 to 8 kW)

– type of detectors and dedicated imaging software

– accessories (transport bags, anti-scattering grids, DAP chambers, etc.)


This video describes the sequences of a typical home imaging operation and illustrates the potential of our solutions.

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